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The "Dark Metal" band AvatariA combines the themes of light and shadow to create a heavy, dark and melancholic experience. Born from elements of Death, Black, Thrash and Gothic Metal, AvatariA have created and perfected their own powerful Sound over the last 13 years. The darkness springs directly into the ears. Since 2009, the four charismatic Berliners have released four Albums "The Matrix Falls" , "Eneagram" , "New World Order" , "The Last Falling" , EP "Apocalyptic" and "Memoirs of Humanity".

For fans of Behemoth, Septicflesh, Rotting Christ and Dessiction AvatariA is an unforgettable insider tip that does not fit into any pigeonhole.

Band Bio

AvatariA was founded by Tommy Avadark (Git/Voc) at the end of 2009 from another existing music project. After completing the line-up in 2010, the band immediately started composing their own songs.

From the very beginning, a common thread runs through the musical work of AvatariA. After a first Demo with the Title "Fallen Angel" (2010), in which Dark Gothic Metal Rock is on the Program, the musical genre boundaries blur visibly with the full-length debut "The Matrix Falls" (2011). Thematically, the band's first album deals with the falling of illusions of self-imposed boundaries.

In 2014, the Band released an EP, which was titled "Enneagram" and built on its predecessor in terms of both content and Music. In 2016, the third Album entitled "New World Order" (2016) was released with a remarkable musical brute force and atmospheric depth.

In 2018, a German single entitled "Dunkelheit" was released, to which a Music Video was also released in the same Year. 

In 2019 AvatariA signed a record deal with the Label 7Hard (7us Media) where the new Album "The Last Falling" (2019), the fourth Album of the band was released. The album "The Last Falling" a mixture of Thrash, Death, Black and Gothic Metal.

2020 in the heavy Corona year seemed October 2020 EP entitled "Apocalyptic". Apocalyptic is the drumbeat and was rated by the press more than as positive and is to Date the most successful disc of AvatariA, especially the song "Joker" beats all records at AvatariA. 

In August 2021 the cover version of Moonspell was released as a single "Alma Mater" and that in a new interpretation of AvatariA, where you can see even more in which direction AvatariA will go in the future. October 2022 AvatariA founded their own Label under the Name "Dark Metal Records" under which in the future all releases will run. At the end of 2022 AvatariA decided to go on Stage only as a trio and to do without a Lead Guitarist.


With the Song "The Animal" there was the first Single release to the fifth Album which will be released in early May 2023 under "Dark Metal Records" with the Title "Memoirs of Humanity", and Single release with the Song "Harmageddon" to which a Video will be released.

Members: Tommy (Voc/Guitar) Steffen (Bass/Backings) Max (Drums)

What does the name AvatariA mean and what is the Eneagram?

AvatariA is the Land of Creators and all being. Be it this World or beyond, everything comes from the land of AvatariA. The Name AvatariA is derived from Avatar. Avatars are according to Hinduism a Deity and Teacher of Life and embody a Figure depending on the State.

The Eneagram is the pattern of the Human personality and is divided
into Nine Characteristics and represents the self-knowledge
that follows:

  1. The Reformer
  2. The Helper
  3. The Achiever
  4. The Individualist
  5. The Researcher
  6. The Loyal
  7. The Enthusiast
  8. The Challenging
  9. The Peacemaker

In the AvatariA Symbol there is also the Kundalini Snake in the middle, which stands for Creation and Healing. For those who are more interested, we have a link to the Enneagram teaching

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